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brüud. seriously. great coffee. 

The brüud coffee collection 

Bringing together a selection of the best coffee, from some of the oldest & most remote estates in the world.  All of our coffee is speciality graded meaning you get the very best coffee, and we, in turn, get to help support local farming communities. 

Discover bold new flavours, as our ethical & sustainable coffee range, bringing you a coffee experience like no other.

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brüud. seriously. great coffee. 



Our best seller and one of the best-flavoured coffees in the world - we think!  The Copan region in Honduras is famous for its rich architectural sites and history, also its generation-old coffee farming estates. 

100% Arabica whole coffee bean - Speciality graded (85+ score) -  Medium Bodied -  Hazelnut & dark fruits with a cocoa finish. 



The Huila region in Colombia is famous for producing some of the world's smoothest coffee. This gorgeous coffee bean is carefully grown and harvested on the Garzon Mitaca Coffee Estate, Huila, Colombia. 

100% Arabica whole coffee bean - Speciality graded (85+ score) -  Rounded Bodied -   Chocolate & Hazelnut with Sugar Browning. 



Huehuetenango, Guatemala is one of the worlds highest and driest coffee growing regions. Cultivated at heights up to 6000 feet, these high altitudes make for an exceptionally exquisite coffee.  

100% Arabica whole coffee bean - Speciality graded (85+ score) -  Full-bodied - Walnuts & blackcurrant with a lasting cocoa finish.



Ethiopia is quickly becoming one of the go-to coffee growing regions in the world. World-renowned for an extremely well-balanced coffee packed full of blueberry flavour notes.  

100% Arabica whole coffee bean - Speciality graded (85+ score) -  Medium-bodied - Cranberry hit with a caramel centre finishes with a distinct blueberry aftertaste. 


Costa Rica

Costa Rica produces some of the smoothest coffee in the world. The Tarrazu region in Costa Rica accounts for 35% of the countries coffee output and it's easy to see why.   

100% Arabica whole coffee bean - Speciality graded (85+ score) -  Full-bodied -  Honey & grapefruit with tones of malt for added depth of flavour. 


Extra Special Coffee...

With great coffee...comes even more great coffee. This page is dedicated to the very best of the best.

We can't give too much away here, so click on the link and enter a world usually reserved for those in the know.

Our latest consumables range:  


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All brüud coffee is certified FairtradeⓇ and we work very closely with the expert coffee green importers who have generation old ties with our chosen coffee estates. This close tie ensures a greater share of profits to our farmers and in return, we benefit from exceptionally high-quality coffee beans. Whenever you buy from brüud, you can buy with the confidence your purchase is making a difference to all our farmers and their families.  





By carefully choosing which coffee estates we import from, we are able to work closely with generation-old farmers who care for their environment. Their skills passed down through the generations, helps yields a premium coffee fruit year after year in a sustainable manner. All brüud coffee is certified by the Organic Soil Association meaning only natural farming methods have been used. Together, we can ensure coffee can be enjoyed for years to come, in a sustainable way. 





The coffee we import will not be found on the shelf. The coffee estates are hidden gems, well off the beaten path. To know of them is to know years of local knowledge and culture. We at brüud have built up important relationships with our coffee green importers and the estates they buy from. We have visited every farm, seen the care and attention each farmer and their families gives to their crop and sampled some of the best coffee in the world.