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AeroPress Clear Coffee Maker

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AeroPress Clear Coffee Maker

The iconic Aeropress, made with the same patented technology, now available in crystal clear, shatterproof Tritan. Cool enough for display, tough enough for the road.

3-in-1 brew technology combines the best of several brew methods into one easy to use, portable device that produces smooth, rich, grit-free coffee with a delicious, full-bodied finish.

Product features

  • Material: BPA-free Shatterproof Tritan plastic
  • Size: 3-cup
  • Brew time: 1 minute
  • Filter: Aeropress Microfilter
  • Filter lifespan: single use
  • Micro filtration means grit free coffee
  • Country of origin: USA

Step-by-Step Guide to Brewing with AeroPress:

  1. Preparation:

    • Wet the paper filter with hot water. This helps to remove any paper taste and to preheat your AeroPress.
    • Place the filter in the filter cap and attach it to the AeroPress chamber.
  2. Coffee Grounds:

    • Using the AeroPress scoop (or scale), measure out 14-17 grams of coffee, which is roughly one to one and a half scoops. Adjust to your preference.
    • Add the coffee grounds into the chamber. Ensure they lie flat for an even extraction.
  3. Add Water:

    • Pour hot water into the chamber up to the desired level. For a standard brew, you might fill up to the top or the number “4”.
    • Stir the coffee slurry gently for about 10 seconds to ensure the grounds are fully saturated.
  4. Brew:

    • Insert the plunger into the chamber, pull up slightly to create a seal. Let the coffee steep for about 1 to 2 minutes. Adjust the time based on your preference; longer steeping can result in a stronger brew.
  5. Press:

    • After your desired steeping time, begin pressing down on the plunger gently. The pressing process should take about 20-30 seconds.
    • Press down until you hear a hissing sound, which indicates that all the water has passed through the grounds.
  6. Enjoy:

    • Remove the AeroPress from your mug or carafe. Your coffee is now ready to be enjoyed!
    • For a milder coffee, you can add more hot water to make an “Americano.”
  7. Cleanup:

    • Unscrew the filter cap and press the plunger further to eject the coffee puck and filter into the trash or compost.
    • Rinse the AeroPress parts with water. It's designed for easy cleaning!


  • Experiment with grind size, water temperature, coffee-to-water ratio, and steeping time to find your preferred taste.
  • The above method is called the "standard method". There's also an "inverted method" where you flip the AeroPress upside down for brewing, which some people prefer as it allows for longer immersion of the coffee grounds.
  • If you prefer a stronger brew, increase the amount of coffee grounds or steep for a longer period.
  • Always use freshly ground coffee and clean water for the best flavor.

Now you're ready to make delicious coffee with your AeroPress! Enjoy the process and the resulting brew.


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