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WMF Milk Type Explanations

Since 1899, WMF has led the way in coffee machine production and technology. The same passion for innovation and coffee excellence exists as much today as it did over 100 years ago! Adapting to new trends, such as chilled coffee specialities, to the ever-increasing popularity of non-dairy milk drinks, WMF continues to push the boundaries of bean-to-cup technology. 

WMF has a range of unique milk-type systems to complement any situation. From simple convenience to the highest levels of quality, WMF has a solution for all coffee needs. 

WMF “Basic Milk”

Our entry-level milk type that by no means compromises on quality. Perfect for classic types of coffee specialities, including frothy cappuccinos, creamy flat-whites and perfect latte macchiatos. Prepare a wide variety of drinks with hot milk and hot milk foam. “WMF Basic Milk” is available on WMF 1100 S, WMF 1300 S and WMF 1500 S Plus coffee machines, specification depending. 

WMF “Easy Milk”

Adding a significant increase in milk quality compared to “Basic Milk” systems, “Easy Milk” adds cold milk to the extensive hot milk and foam options. WMF Easy Milk systems can create a denser foam for near-perfect cappuccinos or lattes. With the cold milk feature, you can create even more trendy drink options, such as chilled lattes. WMF “Easy Milk” is available on WMF 1500 S Plus and WMF 5000 S Plus coffee machines.

WMF “Smart Milk”

The latest and smartest in milk technology, the WMF “Smart Milk” system, is now available on the brand new WMF 1300 S coffee machine. Hot and cold milk and hot foam drinks are enhanced with the new WMF “Micro-Foam” technology. Velvety smooth flat whites and perfectly foamed cappuccinos are the minimum standard for this revolutionary milk type. WMF “Smart Milk” is available on certain WMF 1300 S models. 

WMF “Dynamic Milk”

The perfect coffee, every time. Like a highly skilled barista, a WMF coffee machine with “Dynamic Milk” is truly something special. Fully automatic; with the press of a button, you have access to 4 consistencies of hot and cold milk foam and hot and cold milk. Your WMF engineer will set up the perfect milk type for each speciality drink, meaning you and everyone else has access to the perfect coffee on demand. Available on WMF 1500 S Plus, WMF 5000 S Plus and WMF 9000 S coffee machines. 

WMF “Dual Milk”

Harness the power of WMF Dynamic Milk and add Dual Milk capability. With the increasing popularity of non-dairy milk, WMF has created their Dual Milk system to work with any dairy and non-dairy milk types. Create perfect oat milk cappuccinos or tasty almond milk flat whites. With the WMF Dual Milk system, all dietary requirements and personal preferences can be catered for. 

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